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Film Industry Scotland aims to raise the level of investment and representation in the Scottish film industry, encouraging more funding to be invested in Scottish talent.

We want to work with Scottish Business partners to create Scottish film by connecting up investors with film projects.

By helping to develop strong and professional working relationships with filmmakers, Scottish Business can help promote and develop the Scottish film industry, creating more jobs and more opportunities for filmmakers.

We aim to build a strong brand of Scottish filmmaking, making Scotland a global competitor in the industry.

Film Industry Scotland qualifies for the SEIS scheme, which not only offers generous terms for when an investment profits, but also insulates an investment if the worst happens, therefore creating an excellent opportunity for investors making a return. Being attached to a growing film industry organisation and through us, also means promotion on a national and international level for your own company. On top of this, investing in Film Industry Scotland would be an opportunity to create jobs for talented Scots who all too often need to travel south to have a chance at success.

Investing in us isn't just about the profit, although there is a potential to make a large profit.

It is about changing the Scottish Film Industry as a whole.

Investing in Scottish films

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