Get in on a ground-breaking society that bands together Scottish filmmakers - offering a platform for invaluable networking and a wide range of benefits.

At FIS, filmmakers come together to create an active and supportive community.

Film Industry Scotland has been established to create more funding opportunities for filmmakers in Scotland and to connect the amazing but fragmented industry that already exists. By better investment and developing the existing parts, we believe Scottish filmmakers can improve and grow the Scottish film industry.

Along with several benefits and discounts, you also receive access to apply for funding within the group. The funding includes but is not limited to short films, feature films and web series and will be available from two sources through FIS.

FIS will also link up members with companies to invest in your films!

Membership is only £2 a month

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As a FIS member you will receive many benefits including:

Access to FIS Member Fund grants, starting at £200

Exclusive access to competitions

Opportunities to connect with potential film investors through FIS Invest in Film

An online community where you can network and link up with other filmmakers

An invitation to attend the annual general meeting and vote on issues important to you

As a member you also receive several discounts including:

20% discount on professional headshots by David Ho

Discounted voice reel recordings from Pacific Audio

Discounts with Shoot and Scoot (film weapons, props and costumes)

Discount on film equipment hire with Production Attic

15% discount for singing lessons with Robert Wishart

50% discount for graphic design with KJ Designs

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For only £2 a month you get everything mentioned so far plus so much more.

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"Independent film production becomes a matter of 'who you know' when it comes to marrying art with finance to create business. This is not always a natural nor easy union but Film Industry Scotland are perfectly positioned to facilitate and manage precisely this; thereby encouraging and developing Scotland’s unique voice in all areas of production."

- Robert Cavanah

Working together to connect and promote the Scottish Film Industry.

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